Justin Bieber Nih Rian Tuan Huam lo Mipa US Dollar $40 Apek Tikah Mipi Pawl An Lau Ngai-(+VIDEO)

Minthang pop-star justin bieber hi asual tuk rua an ti nain bieber afel ning cu lam kam aum mi pa misifak zong asi lo mi rian ttuan huam lo ruangah phaisa angei lo mi pa te cu Dollar $40 avan pek tikah cun Kan lau ngaingai Rian tuan huam lo mi cu Bible Ca hmanh ah Ei loin an um ding asi ko an ti kha.

June thla ni 17 (Monday) ah khan Justin Bieber nih umnak inn a ngei lomi rian tuan huam lo mi pa te cu phaisa apek.

It's back on: The musician's health is on the up and up as it was recently reported that he and Hailey's wedding ceremony is back on

Kum 25 asimi Musician Justin Bieber cu dawr ah a luh hlan deuh ah lam kam i umnak inn a ngei lomi pa rak ummi cu a hmuh i, tangka a pe tiah media hna nih an langhter. Minthang Justin bieber le Hailey Bieber hna cu Nai teah khan Miami City in Florida leiah lunch eidingin an chuak ti asi.

Millionaire: The Love Yourself hitmaker flew home from Miami on his private jet after spending a few days in Miami at a church conference with his wife

Justin Bieber le Hailey Baldwin hi Pathian bia ngaih ding ah VOUS Conference nak ah an i tel ve, a tanglei ah hin an hmanthlak cheu khat ka vun langhter. Justin bieber nih athilri mak taktak le aphun dangngai mi cu yellow le red tie die jacket asi i ahruk nak aruang cu mipi nih ka thei hna hlaseh tiah hi bantuk hin athuh nak asi i mi cheukhat nih cun afashion athingtuk nan ti kho men nain ataktak ah cun justin bieber hi fashion thiam kho taktak le mui dawh taktak cu asi.

Cold hard cash: Possibly it was the church conference he just spent the weekend attending that had the Sorry hitmaker in a giving mood.

Justin bieber hi stage te hna celebrity ti bantuk lawngah afashion pawl cu mipi an kan piah nain inn um sawhsawh nak ah cun an mah mirang sifa bantuk tein aum, Mirum asi i sifak bantuk leng achauh tikah hin acei tawn.

Helping hand: Perhaps it was Justin's happily colorful outfit that let to the gift


Different struggles: Certainly the pop star knows what it's like to struggle, he's been quite transparent about his recent battles with depression and anxiety

Avideo na zoh duh ah cun youtube ah khan kal law atha tuk lai i justin bieber giving homeless man $40 Tiin nangmah thiam ning tein khan na search lai i na hmuh ko lai. Duh ah cun google zongah na zoh khawh.

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